AIBSNLREA, West Bengal State Branch held a GB meeting on 27th November 2019 at the CTO Hall, Kolkata with a recorded attendance of over 340 members. The meeting was conducted by a presidium consisted of S/Shri S.C. Roy, President, S.R. Palit, Vice president and Ranjan Mukherjee, Vice President. After a brief cultural program, the House observed one minute’s silence to pay homage to the departed members. Shri K.C Dey, State Secretary placed his report before the house mentioning the activities of the State Branch with an update on all the relevant issues. In his Report, he presented a brief account of the All India Conference of the Association held on 12th and 13th of November, 2019 at Madurai. His Report also covered the various resolutions adopted in the AIC covering ranges of issues from grievances of the pensioners in general and the BSNL Executive pensioners in particular to the issues which are very relevant for BSNL’s existence and which remained untouched by any other association. Shri Debasish Chakraborty, Financial Secretary placed an up to date un-audited accounts for information of the House.

Some members participated in the discussions and expressed their concern over non-payment of medical claims for last more than 1 year, delay in revision of pension etc. S/Shri Sukumar Ghosh, CHQ Organizing Secretary (East) and Tapan Bhowmik, Branch Secretary, Baharampur Branch discussed the organisational activities of the State and also apprised the House about the deliberations and resolutions accepted in the all India conference. Shri N H Siddique wanted immediate implementation of Supreme Court’s judgement in regard to consequential benefits of TES group ‘B’ officers and requested the association to act on the issue. Shri R. N. Roy mentioned the discriminations meted out to the officers belonging to the Civil Wing in regard to their ACP promotion. State Secretary covered the issues in his reply and requested the members to avail the facility of Grievance Redressal Cell for quick disposal of individual issues. Shri S R Palit, Vice President in his brief address discussed the issues like Court case on pay and pension arrears from 1.1.2007 to 9.6.2013, pension revision and the stand of the CHQ on revision of pension which was unanimously endorsed by the all India conference at Madurai. He also narrated the history of pension revision and the extant rules and law in this regard. 10 new members enrolled themselves as the life members of the Association in the meeting.

Shri S.C Roy, President thanked all the members and urged to uphold the unity of the pensioners. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.  View photographs



The 4th Biennial conference of AIBSNLREA West Bengal State Branch was held on 24th November 2018 at CTO Auditorium with massive participation of about 350 members. At the beginning a brief cultural program was arranged by our members. As decided earlier, 40 senior members who have completed 75 years of age as on 31st October 2018 were honoured with mementos and flower bouquet. Those unable to be present in the meeting will also be honoured later on.

The conference started at 2 PM with comrade S.K.Maitra in the chair. After observing one minute silence in remembrance of departed members & Kerala flood victims, Comrade S.R.Palit State Secretary placed his report before the house. Audited accounts for the year 2017-18 was placed by Comrade Bani Chaudhuri Asst. Finance Secretary. Comrade Debasish Mitra Org. Secretary apprised the house about the organistional activities of the Association. 6 Members participated in the discussion. Thereafter the Secretary replied on the points raised by the speakers and discussed the relevant issues such as Pension Revision, Disbursement of Pension by CCAs and failure of BSNLMRS etc. Referring to the BSNL's declining revenue, he held the policy of the Govt. responsible for the situation and strongly demanded Govt's support for the survival of its own company. Ten new members enrolled their membership. A new committee was elected with Comrade S.C.Roy as President, Comrade K.C.Dey as state secretary and Comrade Debasis Chakraborty as Finance Secretary. The conference ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.  View photographs



A GB Meeting of AIBSNLREA, West Bengal State Branch was held on 25/11/2017 at Telecom Institute Hall, Kolkata with massive participation of more than 315 members. The Hall was jam packed till the end of the meeting. After a brief cultural programme presented by our members, the meeting started at 2.30 pm. with State President Shri S.K.Moitra in the chair. The House observed one minute’s silence in remembrance of four departed members. Shri S.R.Palit, State Secretary placed his report before the House. Audited accounts (Receipts & Payments) for the last three financial years were also placed in the meeting. Shri Debasish Mitra, Organising secretary briefly discussed the organisational activities of the State Body. Shri Sadhan Ghosh, Organising. Secretary (East) CHQ in his address apprised the course of action of our CHQ to secure justice in regard to denied pay & pension arrears due from 01/01/07 to 09/06/2013. The State Secretary replied all the queries of the members and elaborately discussed the relevant issues like court case, revision of pension following the 3rd PRC’s recommendation etc. and urged upon the members to ignore any misleading news and rumours. He also appealed to all members to donate generously towards the Legal Fund being collected at the call of CHQ. Eight new members were enrolled in the meeting. Members belonging to Civil & Electrical wing born the cost of refreshment while Shri Debasish Mitra, borne the expenditure for cultural programme.  View the photographs of the meeting



Ever since the Orders on revision of pension with fitment benefit by merger of 78.2% IDA were issued, AIBSNLREA West Bengal State Branch started meeting the Senior Officers and visiting different area Offices. The Association had already met all the CGMs, both the CCAs and other senior Officers to discuss the issue and urging them for its early implementation. A delegation of 6 Executive Committee members including President and State Secretary also visited CGM Project, CE Civil Kolkata, CE Electrical, Chief Architect, Area Manager, Alipore and South offices on 14.09.2016 for ascertaining the progress and interacting with the concerned officers. Again on 21.09.2016, another delegation of 7 Executive Committee members including the State President and State Secretary visited CE Civil, West Bengal, Area Manager (Central), Area Manager (City), Area Manager, Planning and three units under Eastern Telecom Region (ETR). The President and State Secretary accompanied by one Executive Committee member then visited Area Manager Barrackpore on 24.9.2016. Earlier, a team of 15 members led by the State President had visited RTTC, Kalyani Unit.

The representatives of the Association found that all the units have undertaken the job but the progress in some areas are not satisfactory. Some units are facing difficulties for want of records which were misplaced due to shifting of offices etc. The association delegation noted with concern that some so called pensioners' leaders misled the units by asking them not to process the pre-2007 pension revision cases which they said would be done by CCAs. Our association cleared the doubts and requested the administration to implement the order in letter and spirit for all pensioners. The representatives of AIBSNLREA also noted with satisfaction that the Area Manager, Barrackpore, RTTC Kalyani, Berhampore SSA, and Jalpaiguri SSA have already sent major portion of the pension revision cases to the concerned CCAs.



West Bengal State Branch of AIBSNLREA held a General Body Meeting on 6th August, 2016 at CTO Hall, Kolkata. Despite rains, the hall was over crowded with massive participation of the members. 252 members registered their attendance in the meeting. The meeting started at 2 PM with State President Shri S.K.Maitra in the chair. The House first observed one minute’s silence in memory of the departed members. Shri S.R.Palt, State Secretary then placed his report containing the recent development and other information including the AIC held at Bhubaneswar. Some general Members also took part in the discussions. S/Shri S.C.Roy and Nimesh Bhattacharya from the State Body also addressed the house. Shri Sadhan Ghosh, Organising Secretary (East) apprised the house the details of activities of AIBSNLREA CHQ and appealed to the members to remain cautious about the misleading propaganda by some other organisations. Shri S.R.Palit in his speech replied to all the queries raised by the members and discussed in details the issues like implementation of 78.2% fitment benefit, annulment of pension liability on 60:40 ratio between DOT and BSNL etc. He expressed his disappointment on the roll of the service unions who are not acting on the Pensioner's issues with due seriousness and priority. He called upon all the BSNL Executive Pensioners to enroll themselves as the members of AIBSNLREA. The meeting ended with vote of Thanks to the chair.  View the photographs of the meeting  Read the Report of the State Secretary



The biennial branch conference of AIBSNLREA Berhampore (WB) Branch was held on 9th April, 2016 in the conference room of "Sancharika", the Administrative building of the SSA. Out of the total 28 members, 25 members attended the meeting. S/Shri S.K.Maitra, State Secretary S.R.Palit, P.N.Basak & Gopal Ghosh represented the State body in the conference. Branch secretary D.P.Maitra and Branch Finance Secretary A.C.Dhar placed their respective reports which were discussed, deliberated and accepted by the house. State Secretary in his speech elaborately discussed the issue of 78.2% merger, pension security, so called 60-40 created issue and also the dubious role played by a section of opportunistic leadership in this regard. A new committee comprising Shri P.K.Chaudhuri as president, Shri Tapan Bhowmick as Branch secretary, and Shri A.C.Dhar as Finance Secretary were elected unanimously in the after Lunch Session.



A delegation of AIBSNLREA, West Bengal State Branch comprising of S/Shri S.K.Maitra, S.R.Palit, N.H.Siddique, Amal Basuroy, Debashis Mitra and Dhrubojyoti Goswami met the CGM, West Bengal Telecom Circle Shri R.N.Jha on 1st March 2016. The association highlighted various problems of the executives retired from WB Telecom Circle. Among other issues, the Association concentrated on non-payment/delayed payment of medical bills (both indoor & outdoor) and strongly urged parity with the serving employees in the case of processing and payment of Medical Bills of the pensioners. Discussions were also held on the issue of 2nd ACP in Civil Wing, wrong pay fixation of Aurobinda Chaudhury Ex EE(Civil), less payment of commutation to Shri C.M.Singh Ex CS CTO. CGM assured the delegation that he was aware of all these issues and has already formed a committee to address the pensioners’ grievances.



A General Body Meeting of AIBSNLREA, West Bengal State Branch was held at Kolkata CTO Auditorium at 1PM of 10th December 2015. The members from Kolkata city and far off districts of West Bengal most enthusiastically joined the meeting and the number of participants exceeded 260. The meeting was presided over by a presidium consisting of Sri S.K.Maitra and Sri S.C.Roy. One minutes’ silence was observed to pay tribute to four departed members and a resolution of condolence was adopted by the House. State Secretary’s report containing all the relevant issues was placed by the State Secretary Shri S.R.Palit. Many members participated in the discussions and highlighted some issues including medical facilities. They also countered the rumours on stated uncertainty of BSNL Pensions as propagated by some vested interested persons. State Secretary in his reply touched all the points and elaborately explained the background of creation of BSNL, Protection of Pension of the absorbees as guaranteed under Rule 37A of CCS(Pension) Rules 1972 and also our long battle for revision of Pension for pre 2007 retirees on IDA scale. He also asserted that there is no imminent threat to the BSNL pensioners. The House deliberated the issues with rapt attention and maintained pin drop silence till the end of the meeting. 15 new members enrolled their names in the meeting. An one page wall calendar for 2016 was published and distributed to the members who were present in the meeting. It was also announced that the members who could not be present, may collect the calendar from the Association Office on 22nd December/5th January 2016 at 3 PM. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.  View the photographs



A delegation from West Bengal State Branch of AIBSNLREA, comprising of President, State Secretary, Vice President ex President Sri A K Basuroy, met the new CGMCalcutta Telephones on 18.08.2015 and welcomed him. They also handed over a list of unsettled long pending deferred option cases of the Executives and requested for his personal intervention for their early settlement. It has also been informed by the State Secretary that Principal CCA Kolkata has issued a notification through the leading dailies of Kolkata on 12th August 2015 asking for submission of Pensioner’s updated data by the Telecom/BSNL pensioners residing in the State of West Bengal Sikkim. State Branch has already informed the members through SMS and personal contact and distributed copy of the format among the members present in a meeting held on 18th August 2015. BSNL Pensioners in West Bengal and Sikkim, if desired, may contact State Secretary and other Office Bearers of AIBSNLREA, West Bengal State Branch for further details.



A General Body meeting of AIBSNLREA, West Bengal State Branch was held at CTO Building, Kolkata on 13th April, 2015 with a mammoth gathering of more than 240 members. After a brief cultural Program, the deliberation started with Shri S.K.Maitra, President in the chair. The House paid its tribute to the departed members and Comrade S.K.Vyas---one of the pioneers of Central Govt. employees’ movement. State Secretary Shri S.R.Palit placed his brief report containing the news and activities of the State Body. In his report he said that the life membership of the Branch has crossed over 500. He appealed to the members not to heed to the rumours regarding un-certainty of BSNL Pension in future since this is a settled issue. Shri Tarit Sengupta, Asst. State Secretary apprised the house about the organizational activities of the Association. Shri S.Basu, GS & the Principal Speaker of the day, elaborately discussed the 78.2% merger issue right from its origin and also various problems cropped up in the DOT for its implementation. He also mentioned the Association’s relentless effort from the very beginning to achieve justice and regretted the role-played by some other Pensioners’ Associations who always believe in negativity. Shri Basu stated that there is no threat perception for BSNL Pensioners even in future and asked them not to panic. He stated that the Orders dated 15.06.2006 on pension liability is an administrative order and not part of Rule 37-A. It is purely an arrangement between DoT and BSNL. This is not a permanent arrangement and may change in future if the DoT decides so. But in no case, this takes away the responsibility from the Government to pay pension to the absorbed BSNL pensioners. He also discussed about the expectations from VII CPC in regard to the pensioners’ issues, Medical facilities to BSNL pensioners and many other issues. The meeting ended with the vote of thanks by Shri Sudhir Roy, Vice President of the State Body.  View the photos