Orders issued by BSNL

Order/Letter Number Subject Content
BSNL No.1001-09/2019-20/Taxation/BSNL VRS 2019/3761 dated 20.3.2020 Tax deduction at source (TDS) guidelines on payments made to VRS 2019 optees In continuation of its letters dated 29.1.2020 and 11.2.2020 BSNL CO issues guidelines with respect to TDS while making payment to VRS optees
BSNL No.482-11/2019-BG/Vol-II dated 20.2.2020 Retention of Staff quarters by VRS retirees Requirement for submission of certificate for educational/medical ground dispensed with in respect of VRS-2019 retirees
BSNL F.No.1-25/2020-PAT(BSNL) dated 13.2.2020 Investment of retirement benefits of BSNL VRS retirees BSNL circulates Secretary, Department of Posts letter detailing various schemes operated by Post Office Savings Bank
BSNL No. 1001-09/2019-20/Taxation/ BSNL VRS 2019/3723 dated 11.2.2020 Quantum of tax exemption available to eligible BSNL VRS 2019 optee under Section 10 (10C) of Income Tax Act 1961, read with Rule 2 BA of the Income Tax Rules, 1962 BSNL letter explains exemption under section 10(10C) or relief under section 89 and the availability of either one of them and the need to declare the option in advance.
BSNL No. 500-163/2019-20/CA-III/BSNL dated 11.2.2020 BSNL VRS Scheme - Issue of LPC BSNL letter says according to instructions from DoT, Circles are to ensure that all outstanding loans & advances have to be recovered by BSNL from Leave Encashment & Ex-gratia.
BSNL F.No. 1-15/2019-PAT(BSNL)-Part 3 dated 30.1.2020 Methodology to deal with cases of VRS optee officials in whose cases currency of penalty will end after 31.1.2020 BSNL lists the methodology to be followed in dealing with different types of penalties which will be current on 31.1.2020.
BSNL No. 27-4/2019/S&M-CM/2 dated 30.1.2020 Relaxation in CM-S&D Policy-2018 for appointment of retired BSNL employee as Franchisee for vacant territories BSNL announces relaxation in Policy to engage BSNL retired employees and to make use of experienced BSNL VRS optees as franchisee in vacant territories.
BSNL No. 1001-09/2019-20/Taxation/ BSNL VRS 2019/3712 dated 29.1.2020 Tax exemption under Section 10 (10C) of Income Tax Act 1961, read with Rule 2 BA of the Income Tax Rules, 1962 to BSNL VRS 2019 optees BSNL lists the conditions for claiming exemption u/s 10(10C).
BSNL No. 48-16/2019-Pen (B) dated 3.1.2020 BSNL VRS 2019 - Step by step procedure for processing of pension cases through SAMPANN BSNL stipulates step by step processing and submission of pension cases of VRS optees to concerned CCAs, as per revised 'User Manual' circulated by DoT
BSNL No. 22-22/2017/General/Vol.I dated 13.12.2019 Release of Pensionary benefits to a retiree against whom personal court case (other than departmental) is pending in the comptent court BSNL clarifies that Vigilance clearance will be withheld in respect of VRS optees against whom personal court cases (other than departmental) are pending.
BSNL No. 1-15/2019-PAT (BSNL)-Part dated 13.12.2019 BSNL VRS - FAQ 3 BSNL answers queries regarding mandatory training for VRS optees covered under Executive Promotion Policy.
BSNL No. 1-15/2019-PAT (BSNL)-Part dated 22.11.2019 BSNL VRS - FAQ 2 BSNL answers more FAQs on VRS 2019
BSNL No. 1-15/2019-PAT (BSNL)-Part dated 7.11.2019 BSNL VRS - FAQ 1 BSNL answers FAQs on VRS 2019
BSNL No. 1-15/2019-PAT (BSNL) dated 4.11.2019 BSNL VRS 2019 - Notification of the Scheme and circulation of guidelines to facilitate exercise of option by employees In pursuance of DoT OM dated 29.10.2019, BSNL circulates the BSNL VRS 2019 and calls for options

Orders issued by DoT

Order/Letter Number Subject Content
DoT F.No.36-9/2002-Pen(T)Pt. dated 12.6.2020 Release of pensionary benefits to employees against whom personal court cases (other than departmental) is pending in the court DoT says its letter dated 24.3.2003 is superceded by DoP&PW ID Note dated 28.9.2018, which states that "after retirement, in cases where the judicial proceedings for any act during service (whethr in official capacity or otherwise) which could be termed as misconduct under the provisions of CCS (Conduct) Rules, are continued after retirement, such judicial proceedings shall come under the purview of Rule 9 and Rule 69 of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972. DoT further says this is applicable to BSNL VRS 2019 retirees too.
DoT No.1/Misc/Pen/Issues/BSNL/ DDG(Accounts)/2019-Part(1)/566 to 597 dated 14.2.2020 Provisional Pension for VRS 2019 retirees As a special dispensation, DoT approves payment of provisional pension for all BSNL VRS 2019 retirees for a period of five months or till issue of PPO, whichever is earlier.
DoT No.1/VRS/BSNL/2019/Accounts/TA-I/170-198 dated 16.1.2020 Standard Operating Procedure for determining Ex-gratia payment for BSNL VRS 2019 retirees DoT circulates the SOP for Ex-gratia payment for BSNL VRS 2019 retirees
DoT No.7-1/2018/PFP-Policy/236-266 dated 16.1.2020 Final settlement of GPF claim of BSNL VR 2019 retirees GPF final payment be settled to the extent of credit received in individual cases along with interest due upto the date of retirement within the due dates as per rules on the subject.
DoT F.No.30-04/2019-PSU dated 29.10.2019 Revival Plan for BSNL and MTNL DoT issues OM on its Cabinet Note approved by Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019 proposing Revival of BSNL and MTNL