A GB Meeting of AIBSNLREA, Agra Branch was held at 1530 Hrs on 07.11.2022 in Hotel Poonam Plaza, New Agra. 19 Members out of 34 participated in the meeting. After welcoming the members,, the Branch Secretary Shri A K Dubey apprised the members on the issue of sudden enthusiasm in a section of Pensioners Association on the issue of delinking of pension revision from pay revision and application of 7th CPC fitment allowed to the Central Government Employees for pension revision. Though it is being claimed that delinking issue for the BSNL pensioners has been achieved, but it is far from the truth. BSNL IDA Pensioners, who are combined service pensioners, are not the Central Government employees and thus they do not come under the ambit of recommendation of Pay Commissions on pay and pension revision. The fact remains that DoT had given a power point presentation in the meeting with Member (Services) in which judgments of a few Court cases were mentioned in which the Courts had dismissed the cases clearly stating that the absorbed BSNL employees have ceased to be the Government Servants and as such cannot claim the benefit of CG Employees. Funniest part of this presentation is that DoT also referred to a Court case which was filed in Ernakulam CAT by the President of that Association which was making much poise without substance. They lost the case but made no Appeal against this Court Order. Branch Secretary also informed the members that based on the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee, a proposal for allowing increase in pension at the age of 65 years, 70 years and 75 years is under active consideration of the Government. He further said that AIBSNLREA is leaving no stone unturned for pay revision and consequent pension revision. Thereafter, it was decided S/Shri B C Mishra, President and Dr A K Dubey Branch Secretary will be attending the AIC being held as Kolkata as the delegates from the Branch. The members also expressed their anguish that for the present there is no empanelled CGHS hospital, either for cashless or for reimbursement-based treatment, whereas more than 8000 beneficiaries are in Agra CGHS. Finance Secretary Shri R B Singh placed his Report in the House. The meeting ended after serving of Hi-Tea and presentation of Vote of Thanks by the President Shri Mishra.



A General Body Meeting of Lucknow Branch of AIBSNLREA was held on 21.11.2019 at Recreation Club of Kaiserbagh Telephone Exchange under the Chairmanship of Shri B L Mishra, Branch President. A total of 41 members attended the meeting in which Shri N R Pal was enrolled as a Life member. Branch Secretary Shri S P Singh, who attended the Second All India Conference of the Association at Madurai (Tamilnadu) held on 12th & 13th November, 2019, briefed the nice arrangement that was made by the host Branch Madurai. Details of the resolutions passed by the AIC was read out one by one and the queries of the members were replied. The latest status of VRS scheme launched by BSNL was also discussed in the meeting. Two minutes silence was also observed in memory of Late Shri Nazar Abbaas, Retd JTO from Lucknow District and a Life Member of the Association who retired on 31.01.2007. The meeting started at 14.00 hours and concluded at 17.00 hrs. Tea and snacks & were served to the participants.



Lucknow Branch of AIBSNLREA held its second Annual Conference on.25.02.2019 at Rai Umanath Bali Auditorium, Kaiser Bagh under the chairmanship of Shri Jagdish Prasad, Branch President. 79 members attended the meeting. One new member joined the Branch as Life Member. The conference started with hoisting of Association Flag by President. Two minutes silence was observed in memory of our colleagues who departed for their heavenly abode since last conference. House also observed two minutes silence to pay homage to the martyred CRPF Jawans in Pulwama terror attack. Four senior members retired in 2001 (S/Shri S C Awasthi, K P Srivastava, B L Mishra, S K Dwivedi) and also Shri Sant Vilas retired in 2002 were honoured by presenting Shawls by the Chief guest Shri M K Shukla amid applause by the members. Branch Secretary Shri S P Singh presented his report giving details of meetings and other activities initiated since 2011 onwards. The membership has increased from 65 to 234 in this period. The report was adopted by the House. The Financial Secretary also presented his report for the period from 01.08.2016 to 24.02.2019 with a balance of Rs 20193 /- in hand. The report was also approved by the house. State President Shri M K Shukla, State Secretary Shri R S Arora and Joint Secretary CHQ Shri R K Sinha also addressed the House giving status of Pension Revision, disbursement of Pension by CCA, payment of Medical bills etc. Shri Radhey Shyam briefed the house on status of Legal case on Pay and Pension arrears issue as per reported by CHQ from time to rime. The queries raised by the members were also duly replied. The present body was then dissolved by the Branch President and Shri R K Sinha, Joint Secretary (CHQ) was nominated as Chairman to conduct election of new body. The election was unanimous. Tea, breakfast and lunch was served to the participants. The meeting ended at 16.30 hours after presentation of vote of thanks by the President.  View the List of Office bearers  View Photos



A General Body meeting of Lucknow Branch of AIBSNLREA held on 4-8-2018 in the meeting Hall of Door Sanchar Sadan at Laplace under the chairman ship of Sri Jagdish Prasad, Branch President. 58 members attended the meeting in which two new members were enrolled as Life Members. Report on the activities of the Branch from December 2017 to July 2018 was placed before the House by Shri S. P. Singh, Branch Secretary. Follow up action taken regarding submission of documents in connection with Legal case in Delhi High Court and Principal CAT was rigorously perused by the Branch . Till date an amount of Rs 1,35,000/- [Rs 1,31,500/- through Branch Financial Secretary and Rs 3,500/- directly by the members] to CHQ has been paid towards the Legal Contribution. This includes second contribution by 89 members. All information received through CHQ Newsletter dated 31.07.2018 were shared with the members. In spite of regular pursuance for passing of medical bills with Senior Officers of Lucknow Telecom District, pendency upto March 2018 could not be cleared. Shortage of funds under Medical head is also being cited as one of the reasons of delay in payments. Report of Financial Secretary for receipt and expenditure details up to 31.07.2018 was presented in the meeting. After brief discussions, the account was passed by the House. S/Sri A L Gianani , Vinod Kumar Shukla, M M Srivastava and Radhey Shyam participated in the discussions. Tea and snacks were also served to the participants. The meeting concluded after presentation of Vote of Thanks by the President.



Representatives of AIBSNLREA, UP State Branch comprising of S/Shri M.K.Shukla, President, R S Arora, State Secretary, Ambika Singh Finance Secretary, U.C.Srivastava, Jt. Secretary met CGMT UP East, CPMG UP and PGM (HR&Admn), C.O LW on 22.02.2017 and discussed the issues regarding non-forwarding of pending pension revision cases by the SSAs, delay in settlement of medical claims, non-issue of LPC/Revised Fixation memo to the concerned post/pre-2007 pensioners. It was informed by PGM that all pension revision papers from SSAs have already been sent on 16.02.2017 to the CCA Office and details of the same was also made available to the Association. The CPMG, on the other hand, assured to take prompt action to send the accumulated revised PPOs to the respective Post Offices by the DPS Office, Lucknow. Earlier on 21.02.2017, the State Secretary along with Shri A K Shrivastava, CWC Member and Shri Radhey Shyam, Org. Secretary, LW met CCA (UP-E) and Jt CCA(UP-E). A status report regarding issue of revised PPOs as on 20.02.2017 was made available to the Association with the assurance that other pending cases will be settled by 31.03.2017 for which additional staff on deputation have been deployed.



A General Body meeting of AIBSNLREA, Lucknow Branch was held on 23.12.2016 in the Recreation Club at Kaiserbagh Telephone Exchange under the President ship of Shri Jagdish Prasad. Forty nine members attended the meeting and three new retired executives were enrolled as Life members. Branch Secretary Shri S P Singh reported about the activities of the branch during the last four months. After the issue of order from BSNL Corporate office on 17.8.2016 for extending the fitment benefit by merger of 78.2℅ IDA, Branch Secretary, Branch President, Financial Secretary, Organising Secretary and other active members have repeatedly visited CGMT, PGMTD, GM MS,. GM NC, NTR, NTP and CCA offices and relentlessly pursued the matter. As a result, more than 30 members of Lucknow Branch have already received their revised PPOs and even one of the members of the Branch has received his revised pension also. In addition, members of the in remote SSAs viz., Barabanki, Bahraich, Lakhimpur, Shahjahanpur, Sultanpur, Raibarelly, Ballia have perused the cases with their respective SSAs. As a result, the revised pension papers for Pre-2007 and Post -2007 retirees are being received by the CCA Office and the work at CCA office is going on smoothly. State Secretary Shri R S Arora appreciated the activities of Lucknow Branch. He apprised the members about the development in CHQ regarding meeting held by General Secretary with GM(Admn). He also read out the views of General Secretary on court case issue. State Financial Secretary Shri Ambika Singh told that he pursued with Director, Postal Services, Lucknow for further endorsement of the orders of CCA to its Head Post offices so that the revised pension and arrears payment are not delayed to those pensioners who draw their pension from post offices. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks presented by the Branch President.



Allahabad Branch of AIBSNLREA held a General Body meeting in the premises of GMTD Office, Allahabad and elected new Office bearers against a few vacant posts. Shri R S Arora, UP State Secretary attended the meeting and briefed the members about the development on various issues. Shri Rajendra Prasad, who resigned from the post of Branch Secretary following his election as the Assistant State Secretary of the UP State Branch of AIBSNLREA, reported about the status of clearance of pending medical claims and progress of pension revision cases. He reported that payment of medical claim bills submitted upto September 2016 have already been made. In regard to pension revision cases, all the revised pension papers have been prepared and being scrutinized by the Accounts Branch. These are expected to be sent to CCA Office within a fortnight. Later the House unanimously elected following members against the vacant posts of some Office-Bearers:- (1) Branch Secretary: Shri Ram Lakhan, Retd SDE (9415017042), (2) Assistant Branch Secretary: Shri H L Yadav, Retd A.O. (9450968085), (3) Organizing Secretary: S/Shri Ramachandra, Retd SDE (9415108825) and Brahamdeen, Retd SDE (9415045179), (4) Executive Committee Members: S/Shri O C Gupta, Retd CAO (9415351981) and Y N Tripathi, Retd DE (9415662060).



Uttar Pradesh State Branch of AIBSNLREA held its First State Conference at Rai Uma Nath Bali Prekshegrih, Kaiser Bagh, Lucknow on 25.07.2016. The Conference started with hoisting of the flag of the Association by State President S.N. Shukla. State Secretary R.S. Arora, Lucknow Branch President Jagdish Prasad and S P Singh, Branch Secretary, Lucknow joined him. Shri Singh then welcomed the delegates and other members. State President Shri S.N. Shukla in his opening address sought the cooperation of the house for smooth conduct of the business. This was followed by one minute silence in memory of departed colleagues who passed away during the period. After the self introduction, the Branch Secretary of different Branches placed their reports. At this stage Shri S Basu, General Secretary and R K Sinha, Joint Secretary joined the Conference. General Secretary, in his address, stated that as per the historic SC Order in D S Nakara case and subsequent V CPC recommendation, the past pensioners started receiving pension revision with same fitment benefit whenever pay revision is ordered for serving employees with a well defined fitment benefit. He told the house that after accepting absorption in BSNL, we are no more Government employees i.e. we ceased to be the Government employees as per provision of Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972. Thus, neither we can have pension revision in CDA scale nor have the fitment benefit as granted to the Central Government employees since it would be violation of the principle laid down by SC that the pension of the past and present pensioners must be balanced. Our pension revision is directly linked with the pay revision of the serving BSNL Executives. He added that those pensioners’ associations who had been talking of application of same fitment benefit as granted by VII CPC to the Government employees to be applied to the BSNL pensioners has now received their reply. Neither VII CPC nor the Experts Committee could agree with them. He recalled the days when AIBSNLREA alone stood firm against the proposal for pension revision in CDA scale when all the serving employees unions and Executives associations of BSNL and MTNL strongly backed the demand of ITS Association on the issue and held several meetings with Secretary(T). He told that the pensioners’ associations are neither covered by any recognition rules nor any channel of communication is prescribed for them. The position of pensioners is such that here numerical strength of any association does not help in any way to settle any issue. Here one’s capability to analyze the rules and presentation of the cases forcefully with facts and strong justifications and often backed by rules help to clinch the issues. This being the reality, the VII CPC not only accepted the submission of AIBSNLREA to raise the limit of DCRG but also agreed for its periodical revision linking the same with rise in DA. He lamented that some pensioners’ associations are celebrating the recent decision of the Government on revision of pension of BSNL employees with fitment benefit by merger of 78.2% DA calling the fixation as “notional” and denying the pay/pension arrears, DCRG, Leave encashment and Commutation of Pension. These Associations which took the lead in trying the establish that the DOT’s Presidential Directive dated 10.6.2013 was “notional” were now found to compete with each other to claim this as their victory despite heavy loss inflicted on the affected BSNL pensioners. He said that irony is that neither DPE order on pay scale revision and its order on 78.2% fitment benefit nor the DOT’s Presidential Directive called this benefit as “notional”. He announced that the AIC of AIBSNLREA held in Bhubaneswar has approved the proposal to challenge this decision in the court of law and the Association will seriously follow up the case. General Secretary called upon all the retired Executives to join AIBSNLREA and strengthen it. He also replied to the queries raised by the members including those mentioned by Branch Secretary Kanpur in his letter.
After the address by General Secretary, the State Secretary R.S. Arora placed his report which was passed by the house. The State Financial Secretary Ambika Singh then placed his report which was also passed. State President S.N. Shukla thanked the host Branch Lucknow, management of the Hall, media and all others.
At 16.00 hours, the Open Session of the Conference started. Shri Praveen Varshney, PGM (HR/Admin), BSNL, UP (East) Circle graced this occasion as the Chief Guest. He was welcomed by Shri S P Singh, Branch Secretary, Lucknow and was also garlanded. The key note address was presented by State Secretary R.S. Arora raising all the important issues. Other Office Bearers on the dais also addressed the House. Chief Guest Shri Praveen Varshney PMG(HR Admn), in his address, assured the house to extend full support in solving the problems of retirees including the medical reimbursement cases. He also assured to look into the issue of not allowing the facility to use the meeting Hall/C.H. to the retirees Associations. Memento was then presented to the dignitaries on the dais. The open session ended with vote of thanks by State Secretary R.S. Arora. At 18:30 hours, the House reassembled and Shri R.K. Sinha Joint Secretary (CHQ) was nominated as Chairman to conduct the election and a new set of Office-bearers was then elected unanimously. After the oath taking ceremony, the Conference was declared closed at 20.00 hours.  View the list of office bearers  View some photos and the press coverage



Lucknow Branch of AIBSNLREA held a General Body meeting on 6.5.2016 in the Recreation Club at Kaiser Bagh Telephone Exchange Campus under the chairmanship of Jagdish Prasad. The House discussed at length on the orders for additional free calls and the unlimited calls offered during night hours and also the legal recourses to be taken on implementation of fixation benefit by merger of 78.2% DA w.e.f. 1.1.2007 after implementation of the proposal of the DOT. Undue delay in reimbursement of medical bills was also discussed. Shri R S Arora, State Secretary, while addressing the members, first briefed about the preparation of AIC in Bhubaneswar. He also informed the members that CHQ is already ready to move court once orders for 78.2% fitment benefit is ordered and implemented to get all the deficiencies removed. He also assured that he would again meet GM (Finance) to settle the pending medical claims. Forty nine members attended the meeting and four new life members also joined the Association. S/Shri Ambika Singh, State Finance Secretary, Radhey Shyam, Organizing Secretary, S P Singh, Branch Secretary, A K Shrivastava, Branch Finance Secretary and others also spoke.



Kanpur Branch (UP State) of AIBSNLREA had a General Body meeting in the TRC Hall, Kanpur Telephone Exchange Main Building on 05.11.2015. Shri R S Arora, State Secretary attended and addressed the meeting. Afterwards, a new set of office bearers was unanimously elected with S/Shri Dharam Das as President, S B Saini as the Branch Secretary and Lal Singh as Branch Finance Secretary.



Quarterly General Body meeting of Lucknow Branch (UP State) was held on 9-10-2015 in the Recreation Club at the Telephone Exchange campus, Kaiserbagh. 58 members attended the meeting. Four new life members also got enrolled. Members expressed their resentment due to abnormal delay in settlement of 78.2% ida merger issue and pay anomaly cases. State Secretary R.S.Arora, State Finance Secretary Ambika Singh, Branch Secretary S.P Singh, Organizing Secretary Radhey Shyam and A.K.Srivastav, Finance Secretary of Lucknow Branch discussed various issues with the members. S/Shri R.K.Tandon, P.K.Dixit and Sangamji Pandey also offered their views on several issues. The meeting also paid homage to the departed member of the branch Shri Guru Prasad, Retired SDE by observing two minutes silence.



Bi annual conference of AIBSNLREA, Varanasi Branch was held on 07/10/2015 at Vaibhav Hotel, Varanasi Cantt. Members of adjoining areas of Varanasi also attended the meeting in large numbers. Shri K P Singh, General Manager, Varanasi, BSNL graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. In his speech, he assured the members that the local administration will settle their medical claims and make payment of other allowances as per rules and on time. He also assured to favourably consider the demand for cashless treatment in hospitals. During the meeting, ten (10) new members were enrolled as Life Members of the Branch. S/Shri B.N Singh, Yad Ali and R.K Sinha were elected unanimously as the President, Secretary and Financial Secretary of the branch. Other elected Office bearers are as follows :- Vice Presidents : S/Shri S.P Tripathi and D B Gupta, Asst. Branch Secretary: S/Shri A S Gaur and P Chandra, Organizing Secretary: S/Shri Hari Om and R.S Srivastava, Assistant Financial Secretary: S/Shri K C Srivastava and D S Yadav. In addition S/Shri M.W.U. Khan, Akhtar Hussain, P D Ram, B Prasad, S P Dubey, R B Tiwari, P N Maurya and K N Mishra were elected as Executive Members of the Branch. Shri D.N Ram was nominated as the Auditor. The Conference was covered by the local edition of Dainik Jagran and AAJ dailies.  View some photos and the press coverage



The representatives of UP State Branch of AIBSNLREA, comprising of S/Shri R S Arora, State Secretary, Ambika Singh, State Finance Secretary and S P Singh, Lucknow Branch Secretary, met CGMT, UP East Telecom Circle on 3rd June, 2015 in his chamber and submitted a representation on some grievances of the pensioners being faced in the Circle. The CGMT listened to the grievances with due attention and immediately ordered the concerned officers responsible for payment of Medical Bills to meet him next day in his chamber to sort out the issue. Regarding denial of allowing use of Conference Hall for meetings/conference to AIBSNLREA, he called the PRO to ascertain the position. It was told that due to the objection raised by Local J.C.M, the accommodation was not being provided. It was informed that a committee has already been formed to formulate policies/guidelines for providing accommodation for conducting meetings and a decision will be taken soon.



Allahabad Branch (UP State) of AIBSNLREA held a General Body meeting on 25.04.2015. The meeting was conducted under the chairmanship of Shri R.S. Gupta, Branch President. 25 members of the Branch participated in the meeting. 24 new life members have joined the Association taking the total membership strength of the Branch to 38. Discussions on 78.2% merger issue and other related issues took place. S/Shri Rajendra Prasad, Branch Secretary, R.P. Mishra and Damodar Prasad Dwivedi, Financial Secretary addressed the house. State Secretary Shri R.S. Arora briefed the house on the issues like 78.2% IDA merger, pay anomaly cases, memorandum submitted to the Pay Commission by some associations. Before adjourning the meeting, spiritual discussion was held in which S/Shri R.P. Mishra, R.S. Arora and other members participated. Shri R S Arora UP State Secretary had earlier addressed the Branch Executives of Kanpur Branch on 09.04.2015.



The quarterly General Body meeting of Lucknow Branch (UP State) of AIBSNLREA was held on 18.04.2015 in the Recreation Club at Kaiserbagh Telephone Exchange campus. The meeting was conducted under the chairmanship of Shri Jagdish Prasad, Branch President. 70 members were present in the meeting and 5 new Life Members joined the Association. Before initiating the discussions, the members observed two minutes’ silence to pay homage to the department souls of S/Shri R S Shukla, Retd. AGM, Alok Sinha, Rtd. DGM and R S Verma, Retd SDE. Then S/Shri S.P. Singh, Branch Secretary, Shri Radhey Shyam, Organizing Secretary and Ambika Singh, Financial Secretary addressed the members and apprised them with the latest developments on important issues.



Bareilly Branch of AIBSNLREA (UP State) held a General Body meeting on 11.04.2015. Shri R S Arora, UP State Secretary attended the meeting and addressed the members. The House was apprised of the efforts being taken to resolve various issues at the Headquarters level. S/Shri A.C.Maheshwari Branch Secretary and Krishna Murari, Financial Secretary participated in the discussions.