The GB Meeting of Palakkad Branch of AIBSNLREA was held at 10.30 am on 11.02.2020 in Top In Town Auditorium, Palakkad. 12 new members including 10 members who retired under VRS on 31.1.2020 attended the meeting. While welcoming the new members in the association Shri P.Prabhakaran, Branch Secretary assured that the Association will take care of them and all their genuine issues will be addressed and protected through the General Secretary at Central Headquarters. Shri K.Haridasan, the Branch President and also one of the delegates to the All India Conference at Madurai briefed the deliberations of the AIC and the resolutions passed. The members were unanimous that the association should make all efforts for early release of two months’ salary due to the VRS pensioners and also for timely payment of pension. As the condition of BSNL MRS is uncertain after 31.3.2020, some Insurance Companies working on health insurance sector attended the meeting on the request of the Secretary and explained the merits of some policies with/without medical check-up which will be beneficial to the pensioners, since CGHS facility is not available in Palakkad or in any of the nearby districts. After the vote of thanks by Shri T.P.Krishnanunni, Asst Secretary, the meeting concluded at 2PM and thereafter lunch was served.



Palakkad Branch (Kerala) of AIBSNLREA had its GB meeting at Top in Town auditorium, Palakkad on 12.10.2016. The meeting began at 11.30 hrs with observation of silence in memory of Shri V K Ramachandran, Retd SDE, Ottapalam and an active member of the Branch who breathed his last on 10th October, 2016. Thereafter, discussions were held on other issues. It was informed to the House that the payment of arrears due to the orders issued on fitment benefit by merger of 78.2% IDA is expected to take place only this year end. There was lengthy discussions regarding the present restricted payment on Medical facilities when admitted in hospital for In Patient treatment. Branch Secretary explained that if the actual amount towards certain surgeries are very huge, the GM can sanction only twice the Pay plus DA drawn at the time of retirement. Even the top executives of SSA may not get actual amount towards the treatment. If the patient is not satisfied with the amount sanctioned by GM and if the case is sent to Circle Office for getting an increase in treatment expenses over the amount sanctioned by the SSA, further reduction is also taking place. This situation needs some correction urgently. Regarding formation of a State Branch, it was informed that efforts are going on. Asst Secretary Shri Subramanian briefed the latest development on this matter and also requested the members to contact their colleagues /friends retired in other SSAs of Kerala to organize. He expressed the hope that a State Core Committee at least can be formed without much delay. Forty (40) members had attended the meeting and two new members joined the Branch during the meeting. With S/Shri Ramanthan, Retd DGM(Fin) and Rasheed Ali, Retd AO joining the Association, actual strength of membership of the Branch remained as 66, since two members had expired. The meeting concluded at 13.30 hrs and the members disbursed after a lunch arranged in the hall.



A GB meeting of Palakkad Branch (Kerala State) was held at Top In Town auditorium in Palakkad on 08-03-2016 at 10.45 AM. Forty (40) members attended the meeting. The main discussion was on the unsettled pension revision case with fitment benefit by merger of 78.2% DA. Secretary explained the current status of the issue. All the members were highly agitated. Members strongly opined to go to court of law. Income Tax exemption limit of Rs. 15,000 towards medical reimbursement is still unchanged and as such needs a hike due to present high price for medicines. Restoration of medical allowance has so far not been settled. These issues were debated at length. Three new members were co opted to the Working Committee. It was also decided to call for a GB Meeting in coming June to elect new office bearers. The meeting continued up to 13.30hrs. Afterwards, lunch was served and the members disbursed at 14.00 hrs.



A General Body meeting of Palakkad Branch (Kerala State) was held on 26.03.2015 at Hotel Indraprastha Palakkad. The meeting commenced at 1100 hrs with observance of silence on an obituary note to late M. Haridasan Retd SDE . Late Haridasan was an active member of the association. It was at his residence that the first meeting was convened to form AIBSNLREA, Palakkad branch of AIBSNLREA. It will be well remembered. 28 members were present in the day's meeting. Regarding 78.2% IDA merger issue, there was a long discussion. Secretary elaborated the present status. Members got highly agitated over the protracted or inordinate delay in the 78.2% IDA issue. It was also unanimously resolved to take up the 78.2% IDA issue with GS, New Delhi to resort to legal action if not settled shortly. Meeting ended at 1315 hrs and all dispersed after lunch.