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  • 10.12.2008: Merger of 50% IDA to the pre 2007 BSNL pensioners and revision of pension/family pension in view of impending revision of IDA pay scales:  On receipt of the BSNL Board’s approval on regarding liability of expenditure on pension, DoT is processing the case. It is learnt that the matter is being examined in DoT Finance. Meanwhile, Government has announced revision of IDA pay scales for  CPSE Executives. Each concerned Ministry/Administrative Department has to issue Presidential Directive for implementation of the scales in the CPSEs under their respective control. In case of BSNL, the revised scales are first to be discussed and approved by BSNL Board and then sent to DoT for examination and approval through issue of Presidential Directive. With the implementation of revised IDA Scale, there is absolute necessity to revise the pension/family pension of those BSNL Employees who retired before 1.1.2007. While we have requested Secretary, Dept of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare to advise to settle the DA merger issue expeditiously, Secretary, DoT has been requested to cause issue of revised pension/family pension along with revised pay scales through Presidential Directive. Please view the above letters ….. No.1  and …….. No.2.

  • 25.11.2008: Benefit of merger of 50% IDA to the BSNL employees retired between 1.10.2000 to 31.12.2006:   We had earlier reported that DoT, while processing the above issue, decided to get a commitment from BSNL Board regarding bearing the liability of expenditure on pension for these pensioners on the 60:40 formula  in the same line as was obtained before it gave clearance to the proposal for merger of 50% IDA to the basic pay of the BSNL Employees who were in service on or after 1.1.2007 and accordingly had written a letter to BSNL. We had also reported that the proposal was discussed in the meeting of the BSNL Board held on 12.11.2008 and the concerned section in BSNL is waiting for the extracts of the said minutes of the meeting in order to enable it to send the reply along with the approval. However, subsequently a news item appeared in one of the BSNL Executives’ Association that the issue has been discussed in one of the meeting of Management Committee of BSNL and the minutes will be issued after confirmation in its next meeting. This has created some confusion and doubts. Here it is clarified that the proposal was discussed in the meeting of BSNL Board only and not in Managing Committee as wrongly reported. We are now further to report that concerned section in BSNL has sent the reply along with Board’s approval to DoT on 24.11.2008.  DoT is now likely to consult Deptt of Public Enterprises and also Deptt of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare before deciding the issue. It may be recalled that Deptt of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare had earlier responded to our representation and advised both DoT and DPE to take appropriate action on our representation in accordance with extant rules/instructions on the subject and refer the matter to it along with all documents/notes etc in case of any doubt. We are following up the issue.

  • 19.11.2008: General Body Meeting of AIBSNLREA W.B. State Branch held:  A General Body meeting of newly formed West Bengal State Branch of AIBSNLREA was held on 14.11.2008 in the club room of CGM West Bengal Telecom Circle at Kolkata.  Forty one members of the Association were present in the meeting chaired by Shri Bijan Bikash Chowdhury, State President.  Shri Likhan Mukherjee, Joint Secretary (East) of CHQ enlightened the house about the latest position of the problems of the BSNL pensioners being dealt by the Central Headquarters. Shri A.K.Basuroy spoke regarding constitutional provision of the Association having no bar for dual membership with other associations. Shri N.H.Siddique, State Secretary spoke on the Organizational issues and various problems being faced by the pensioners. Shri N.C.Maji spoke about the need for formation of Association of BSNL retirees in West Bengal in the present juncture in addition to other existing Associations of the pensioners including that of DOT pensioners.

  • 14.11.2008:  Benefit of merger of 50% IDA for the BSNL Employees retired between 1.10.2000   to 31.12.2006: BSNL Board in its meeting held on 12.11.2008 is learnt to have cleared the proposal in regard to shouldering the pension liability for the BSNL pensioners on 60:40 formula as per the arrangement between the Government and BSNL. Concerned section in BSNL Corporate Office now waits for the minutes of the said Board meeting. It is likely to be early next week. Once the minutes is received, the matter would be referred to DoT for decision on extending the benefit of IDA merger to the past pensioners of BSNL. 

  • 11.11.2008:  Muzaffarpur (Bihar) Branch formed:  A General Body meeting of the retired BSNL Executives were held on 23.09.2008 at Muzaffarpur under the chairmanship of Shri B Mishra, Ex-DE for formation of the Branch of AIBSNLREA.  The following office bearers were elected unanimously:

                  President:                         Shri S S P Singh, Ex-DE

                  Vice Presidents:                Shri B Mishra, Ex-DE

                                                            Shri Jagdish Chaudhary, Ex-DE

                   Branch Secretary:           Shri B K Singh, Ex-SDE

                   Asst  Branch Secretary:  Shri G S Sharma, Ex-DE

                   Financial Secretary:         Shri B N Singh, Ex-DE

                   Asst Financial Secretary: Shri K K Singh, Ex-AO

                   Organizing Secretary:      Shri S S Saran, Ex-DE

                                                             Shri S D Yadav, Ex-DE

                   Executives:                       S/Shri A K Verma, Ex-DE,

                                                                        U S P Sinha, Ex-SDE,

                                                                        K N Shukla, Ex-DE      

  • 04.11.2008:Benefit of merger of 50% of IDA to the BSNL pensioners retired between 1.10.2000 to 31.12.2006:  The draft BSNL Board memo on pension liability for the BSNL employees retired during the above stated period as asked for by DoT to settle the matter is said to have been cleared by BSNL Finance. It is expected to be received back in the concerned section in BSNL Corporate Office at any moment. The concerned Section in BSNL is making all out efforts to put up the Memo in the next meeting of BSNL Board scheduled to be held on 12.11.2008.

  • 30.10.2008:Benefit of merger of 50% of IDA to the BSNL retirees prior to 1.1.2007:  We had already reported that DoT has since asked BSNL to furnish a decision of BSNL Board in regard to liability for pension as was furnished for the serving employees. This is to process and settle the issue regarding extension of benefit of merger of 50% of IDA to the BSNL retirees between 1.10.2000 to 31.12.2006. BSNL is yet to finalize the Memo for consideration of BSNL Board. The draft memo, as usual, is being examined by concerned sections before it could be finalized. Meanwhile, we have reminded Secretary, DoT  and others providing a copy of the letter dated 22.08.2008 from Deptt of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare to process the case as per extant rules/instructions and in case of any doubts to send a self-contained note along with relevant documents/files to that Department.

  • 30.10.2008:Implementation of Deptt of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare’s O.M dated 02.09.2008 for absorbed BSNL Employees:  We have requested Secretary, DoT vide our letter No. AIBSNLREA/CHQ/2008/8 dated 20.10.2008 to cause issue of instruction to all concerned DoT Cells to implement the O.M. issued by Deptt of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare vide their F.No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 02.09.2008 (already available in this website) revising the pensionery benefits as provided in CCS(Pension) rules 1972 following acceptance of recommendations of VI CPC for the BSNL retirees also. We understand that DoT is now processing the case and likely to issue the order shortly. This will benefit the absorbed BSNL employees retired/retiring on or after 1.1.2006 to get additional amount as gratuity.  Those retiring from September 2008 will get their pension calculated based on the average of last ten months pay or the last pay drawn which ever is more. Many other benefits as provided in the Memo will be applicable to all BSNL retirees since 1.10.2008.

  • 27.10.2008:Meeting of AIBSNLREA, West Bengal State Body held:A  meeting of All India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Retired Executives' Association, West Bengal State Body was held  on 23rd October at O/o CGM, Kolkata, 3A, Chowringhee Place, Kolkatta-13 under the Chairmanship of Shri Bijan Bikas Chowdhury, Retired CAO, CTD.  The Office bearers of the West Bengal State Body are as follows:-

     President               : Shri Bijan Bikas Chowdhury.              

     Vice President       : Shri Dipak Chakraborty

    Secretary               : Shri N.H. Siddique

    Asst..Secretary      : Shri Arun Kr Chatterjee

    Org. Secretary       : Shri . K.P. Ghosh

    Treasurer               : Shri Samir Ranjan Palit

  • 23.10.2008: 6.2% increase in IDA: BSNL has issued orders endorsing the DoT’s letter for further increase of IDA w e f July 2008. Click here for the letter…….

  • 23.10.2008: Government to pay pension to the absorbed BSNL pensioners – Reaffirms DoT:  In a D.O. letter addressed to CMD, BSNL, the Department of Telecommunication has again reaffirmed that it is responsibility of the Government to make payment of pension to the absorbed BSNL pensioners. The letter is on a different context, but has got the special significance since often doubts are raised about payment of pension is assured. Click here for the letter………

  • 22.10.2008: Meeting of AIBSNLREA, Nagpur Branch held:  A  meeting of All India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Retired Executives” Association, East Vidarbha Branch, Nagpur was held from 12.00 hours to 16.15 hours on 11th October at "Ravi Bhawan " (the Circuit House of Maharashtra Government ) under the chairmanship of Shri B.S.Nimje, Retired Dy. General Manager. S/Shri N.G.Talewar,Branch President,  S.L.Dravekar, Central Organising Secretay ( West), N.K.Zam, Retired D.E. and P.R.Bhujbal, Branch Secretary were on the Dias. Encouraging response was received from the retired Executives for becoming Life Members of AIBSNLREA. Thirty six (36) retired executives of BSNL have already taken   Life Membership of the Association. The Office bearers of the Branch are as follows:-

     President               : Shri N G Talewar, retired Dy GM.              

     Vice President       : Shri C.S.Satpute, Retd Superintending Engineer (Civil).

                                   : Shri B.S.Aklurwar, Retd Chief Accounts Officer.

     Branch Secretary  : Shri P R Bhujbal, Retd DE.

     Org.Secretary       : Shri N.K.Zam, Retd D.E.

                                   : Shri V.W.Patil, Retd D.E.

     Asst Secretary     : Shri R.R.Gadhpal, Retd D.E.

                                   : Shri P.S.Shembekar, Retd D.E

                                   : Shri S.N.Kulkarni, Retd D.E.

       Exec. Members    : Shri Rashid Khan, Retd D.E.

                                   : Shri G.P.Sahu, Retd D.E.

  • 14.10.2008: Merger of 50% of IDA for the BSNL pensioners who retired between 1.10.2000 to 31.12.2006:-   DoT has since written a letter to BSNL to get the approval of BSNL Board regarding pension liability for the pensioners in question in the back ground  of the DoT’s Order No. 1-45/2003/13 dated 15.6.2006 which restricts Govt’s liability for payment of pension to 60% of all prescribed fees/charges payable to Government by BSNL and forward the same to it. This is a similar exercise as was followed for the serving employees of BSNL. The Board memo is now under preparation and needs to be first approved by the Management Committee and thereafter put up for BSNL Board to take the decision

  • 01.10.2008 : Merger of 50% IDA to the BSNL Pensioners retired between 1.10.2000 and 31.12.2006 -  Deptt of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare intervenes :     It may be recalled that this Association had made a representation on 04.07.2008to Shri Santosh Mohan Dev, Hon’ble Minister of Public Enterprises and Heavy Industries regarding extension of benefit of merger of 50% IDA  to the BSNL pensioners who retired between 1.10.2000 and 31.12.2006 and also sought for the intervention of Secretary, Deptt of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare. Full context of this representation is available along with the news item published in this website on 14.07.2008.  Now Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare has forwarded our representation to Deptt of Public Enterprises and Deptt of Telecommunication vide their No. 4/5/2008-P&PW(D)-2 dated 22nd August 2008 with the following advice “ The undersigned is directed to forward herewith a representation dated 4.7.2008 in original received from All India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Retired Executives Association to Department of Public Enterprises, New Delhi for consideration of the grievances raised therein expeditiously in accordance with the extant rules/instructions under intimation to the representationist to whom a copy of this communication is also being endorsed. In case of any doubts regarding extent rules/policy on the subject a self-contained note mentioning the points of doubt with regard to policy/extant rules along with all relevant documents/files may be referred to this Department as per extant procedure.”  Read letter... 

  • 29.09.2008 :Govt Orders for implementation of revised pension rules: Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare has since issued orders revising the CCS (CCA) Pension Rules 1972 and their implementation in respect of post 2006 retirees following acceptance of 6th CPC recommendations. Click here to view the order ........

  • 26.09.2008 : Merger of 50% IDA for BSNL Pensioners:  The issue is still being examined in DoT. The DoT finance and DoT Establishment Branch are yet to take uniform decision for further processing of the case. We have again drawn the personal attention of Secretary, DoT on this matter for expeditious decision to extend the benefit to the BSNL pensioners who retired prior to 1.1.2007 and also on the insensitive attitude of DoT towards the genuine grievances of the pensioners.

  • 26.09.2008: Implementation of Government decision on pensionery benefits to the BSNL Pensioners: We have requested CMD, BSNL to take up the issue of implementation of the Government decision on pensionery benefits as recommended by 6th CPC for the BSNL pensioners.  Request also made to arrange recalculation of pension, gratuity etc and early payment of the same.

  • 11.09.2008: A write up by Com.S.Ratnasubramanian, DGM (Retd) & formerly organising Secretary of TESA (I) CHQ(modifying the earlier one) taking into account the Govt. decision on 6th CPC recommendations and its inpact on pensioners BSNL absorbed DoT employees , and not absorbed/ Central Govt. employees.  Read the write up...

  • 02.09.2008: Gazette Notification on 6th CPC recommendations on Pension:- The Central Government has since issued Gazette Notification on the various recommendations made by the 6th CPC on Pensions for the C G Employees. Almost all the recommendations have been accepted. The important decisions include (1) enhancement of limit of gratuity to Rs 10 lakhs from existing limit of Rs 3.5 lakhs, (2) calculation of pension either on average of last 10 months pay or the pay of last month whichever is more, (3) increase of pension on attaining age of 80 years, 85 years, 90 years, 95 years and 100 years etc. To know the impact of the recommendations of 6th CPC on pension, now accepted by the Government, on BSNL retirees, please read the Article written by Com S Ratnasubramanian, Org Secretary, AIBSNLREA which is available in this website.   Click here for the Gazette Notification

  • 31.08.2008: East Vidarbha Branch of AIBSNLREA has been formed in a meeting held on August 31st  2008 at Telecom Hall, Telecom Nagar, Nagpur. Com. G.N.Marghade retired DE was in the chair. Com.S.L.Dravekar,  in his inaugural address narrated the Salient Features of the Constitution, present situation regarding merger of 50% IDA as "Dearness Pension" to the BSNL pensioners and other related  problems. Com. P.R.Bhujbal explained the changes incorporated in the pension rules of BSNL employees from time to time and benefits to be extended in medical allowance and LTC to the retired employees. Com.N.G.Talewar retired DGM , Com P.R.Bhujbal retired SDE and Com.B.P.Mujumdar retired SDE have been elected unanimously as President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.  All members present have become Life Members of  AIBSNLREA.

  • 28.08.2008:On behalf of the COORDINATION COMMITTEE OF TAMILNADU BSNL PENSIONERS WELFARE ASSOCIATIONS (including AIBSNLREA,TAMILNADU) Sri G. NATARAJAN, President of the COMMITTEE, Sri D.  GOPALA KRISHNAN, Secretary,  S/SRI MUTHIYALU, RAMARAO, NARASIMHAN( representing TAMILNADU) MOORTHI, CHINNA PAPPIAH (representing CHENNAI  TELEPHONES) met HON MINISTER for COMMUNICATION, SRI  A. RAJA  on 24 –08-2008 at CHENNAI.  A MEMORANDUM requesting Hon. Minister's intervention in the issue of 50% IDA MERGER for Pensioners was submitted.  During Discussion it was pointed out that the issue is pending in DOT. Hon Minister  marked the letter to MEMBER( FINANCE) of BSNL.  He also assured that he will discuss with DOT & BSNL for immediate settlement of the issue.

  • 25.08.2008: MP State Branch of AIBSNLREA formed :-  Madhya Pradesh State Branch of AIBSNLREA was formed in a General Body meeting held at Bhopal on 09.07.2008 with S/Shri Gurdeep Singh and K Nagarajan as the State President and State Secretary respectively. Click Here for list of office bearers.

  • 24.08.2008:Merger of 50% IDA for the BSNL pensioners:  DoT is yet to send the letter to BSNL asking for the approval of BSNL Board regarding pension liability for the BSNL employees who retired prior to 1.1.2007 in the same way as was accorded for the serving employees. The matter is under persuasion and it appears that DoT is not against the proposal.

  • 02.08.2008:Extension of benefit of merger of IDA as "Dearness Pension" to the pensioners of BSNL (retired between 1.10.2000 and 31.12.2006) as allowed to CG Employees: The issue is still under the consideration of the DoT.  DoT is reported to be waiting for a BSNL Board decision  in line with DoT order 1-45/2003/13 dated 15.6.2006 which restricts Govt's liability to 60% of whatever fee/charges payable to Govt. by BSNL.  The item figures in the Agenda of National Council also.  We are also following up the case continuously.

  • 19.07.2008:BSNL has issued orders for increase of IDA by 5% w.e.f.1.7.08. Click Here for the order.

  • 14.07.2008:GS has written to Shri.Santosh Mohan Dev, Ministry of Public Enterprises & Industries urging extension of benefit of merger of IDA as "Dearness Pension" to the pensioners of BSNL (retired between 1.10.2000 and 31.12.2006) as allowed to CG Employees. Read...

  • 09.07.2008: Tamilnadu State Branch of AIBSNLREA formed:    In a meeting held at Chennai  on 27th June 2008, Tamilnadu State  Branch of AIBSNLREA was formed.  Com.M.Sankarasubbu was in the Chair.   COM. BASU in his inaugural address explained the objectives of AIBSNLREA.  He paid tributes to late Com.Sreekumaran Nair of Kerala  who initiated and took steps for formation of AIBSNLREA.   He urged the members to strive hard for the welfare of retired employees of BSNL by maintaining unity with NON-EXECUTIVES.  He expressed his happiness on inaugurating the Tamilnadu State Branch of AIBSNLREA.  COM V.R.KRISHNAN, COM.A.GANESAN and COM.N.DEVANNA were elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. 

  • Earlier, COM.S.BASU, had been invited to attend the COORDINATION COMMITTEE  meeting of BSNL PENSIONERS  WELFARE ASSOCIATIONS OF CHENNAI TELEPHONES & TAMILNADU CIRCLE at CHENNAI.  Com.Basu attended and addressed the meeting. COM BASU explained that after retirement there can be no division on any grounds among the NON-EXECUTIVES & EXECUTIVES and stressed the need for coordinated efforts on common issues. He also emphasized the need for uniting under a common platform in due course.  Com.G.Natarajan, Com.D.Gopalakrishnan, Com.K.Muthiyalu were some of the other leaders who addressed the meeting. Com.V.Chinnapappiah has been nominated as the member of the co-ordination committee on behalf of Chennai Telephones.

  • 02.07.2008: Bihar State Branch of AIBSNLREA formed:    In a meeting held at Patna  on 23rd June 2008, Bihar State  Branch of AIBSNLREA was formed with S/Shri B P Singh and R B P Singh as State President and State Secretary respectively. Shri Gangadhar Singh was elected as the State Treasurer. The news was widely circulated in local News papers. To view the complete list of Office Bearers click here…….

  • 01.07.2008: GS writes to Secretary, DoT, regarding merger of IDA for BSNL pensioners. Click Here for the letter.

  • 14.06.2008: IMPACT OF IDA MERGER ON BSNL RETIREES:  Order issued by BSNL for merger of 50% of IDA has no mention about its application on the BSNL retirees. Since  Pension is being paid by DoT and the pension related issues are to be decided only by DoT, BSNL has limited role in this regard. It is reported that DoT is processing the issue and decision is awaited.

  • BSNL issues the order for merger of 50% of IDA (read for the order……….)

  • 14.05.2008:  It is reliably learnt that Secretary, DoT has agreed to revise the earlier DoT order dated 15th June 2006, which  restricted DoT's pension contribution to 60% of the charges/fees (spectrum charges, taxes and other fees) payable by BSNL  to Govt. of India.  It is also learnt that a cabinet note in this regard is under preparation.

  • 03.05.2008: Recommendations of 6th CPC on Pension and terminal benefits and its impact on BSNL absorbed pensioners.  An article by Com.S.Ratnasubramanian, DGM (Retd) & formerly organising Secretary of TESA (I) CHQ

  • 25.04.2008: Orders issued for enhancement of IDA by 0.8% w.e.f.1.4.08. View Orders...