In this age of faster-than-light-communication, with unprecedented reach by the social media, fake information spreads like wildfire. There are websites to check the fact in respect of such information related to politics, society, science, technology etc., We felt the need to have such a fact-check Page in our website, exclusively related to pension and pensioners, especially BSNL Pensioners. This page will analyse information circulating in social media and brought to our notice, dig deep to find the fact and report it.



Our Attention has been been drawn towards a FLASH message under circulation by some pensioners’ association claiming that “In Airports Authority of India pension was revised without pay revision” to reiterate their demand of pension revision without pay scale revision. As the first case under FAST CHECK, we decided to check the authenticity of this claim.

Before recording our findings on the above claim, we like to draw the attention of all our viewers that after our AIC at Madurai, every delegate went back with the clarity that the chorus for ‘delinking of pension revision from pay revision’ is a myth and that according to several Supreme Court Judgments “pay revision and pension revision are inseparable”. Even in a judgment of Central Administrative Tribunal, Hyderabad Bench delivered on 18.12.2018 in OA No. 21/813/2017 & MA 355 of 2018, where the applicant, a BSNL absorbed Pensioner, had tried to justify his case for pension revision as per 7th CPC, the Tribunal had ruled that “the applicant is not a Government employee and hence he does not come under the ambit of 7th CPC.” Paras 7.5 and 7.6 of the General Secretary Report discuss the issue at length and the Report is available in the left-hand column of our website under the caption – AIC MADURAI.

Now, we place before all of you the result of our FACT CHECK of the claim that “In Airports Authority of India pension was revised without pay revision” with undisputable proof.


 It is untrue that AAI pension was revised without pay revision.
 Executives of Airport Authority of India got their pay revised w.e.f. 1.1.2017 with 15% fitment benefit vide AAI order No.A.60011/21/2016/HRPC/14 dated 11th January 2018.  View the AAI order
 Non-Executive employees of Airport Authority of India got their pay revised w.e.f 1.1.2017 with 15% fitment benefit vide AAI order No.A.60011/40/2017-HRPC/98 dated 22nd February 2019.  View the AAI order
 Needless to state that AAI executives and non-executives got their pay revised from 1.1. 1997 and 1.1.2007 too.
 And, AAI employees are covered by Contributory Pension Rules and hence there is no pension revision.
 There has been only a revision of pension scheme for the AAI employees and no pension revision.

CONCLUSION: The claim is, thus, found to be completely BASELESS AND FALSE and aimed to mislead the BSNL Pensioners. In our Fact Check, therefore, the claim failed.