A General Body Meeting of AIBSNLREA Chandigarh Branch was conducted on dated 27-10-2021 in Pearl Hotel Industrial Area II Chandigarh after a gap of 1.5 Yrs. The President Shri M.D. Bhasin presided over the meeting. After paying tributes to the three members of the Branch who had left for heavenly abode during Corona period, various issues related to pensioners were discussed.
1 Status of Court case regarding payment of arrears on account of 78.2 % IDA merger for the period 01-01-2007 to 09-06-2013.
2 Delay in Release of IDA orders due from 01-07-2021 and 01-10-2021.
3 Health Webinars being conducted by CGHS.
4 Regarding ease of submission of Life Certificate through different modes.
5 CGHS facility for pensioners of age more than 75 years to consult the specialists directly in the empaneled private hospitals.
6 Extension of ITR filing last date up to 31-12-2021 for AY 2021-22 and exemption from filing ITR by pensioners of more than 75 years age ((Form 12BBA).
7 Informed that CHQ is actively taking up Health Insurance case for BSNL Pensioners with BSNL Authorities.
8 The President informed that the maintenance of Mobile Network of MTNL now being taken over by BSNL as a part of their ultimate merger.
9 The procedure for shifting of Medical treatment from BSNLMR to CGHS.
10 The President informed that VRS pensioners should note that contractual employment now may be treated as re-employment.
11 Now BSNL family pensioners can also opt for shifting to CGHS facility of medical treatment.
12 Teleconsultation for medical treatment allowed by BSNL.
Some local issues and experiences during Corona period were also discussed. Tea with snacks was served to the members. The meeting was adjourned with vote of thanks with the promise of holding future meetings bi-monthly as was the previous norm.



Chandigarh Branch of AIBSNLREA held a Special General Body meeting on 03.11.2017. The meeting was presided over by Shri M D Bhasin, Branch President. Shri S Basu, General Secretary, who was on his personal visit to Chandigarh, also attended the meeting. The President welcomed General Secretary and all other members. Branch Secretary Shri M K Kalra spoke on ongoing important issues and requested General Secretary to throw light, among other issues, on the court case regarding pay and pension arrears, revision of pension, implementation of 3rd PRC for pay revision of CPSE executives, BSNLMRS etc. Shri Lokesh Chopra, former Organising Secretary (North), AIBSNLREA also spoke on the occasion. General Secretary stated that the Association is going for legal action on pay and pension arrears issue following wrong implementation of the DPE Orders on revised fitment benefit by allowing merger of 50% IDA effectively amount to 78.2% IDA by the DOT and declaring the fitment benefit of 78.2% IDA as ‘notional’ in the pension revision Orders. He informed the house that the Petition is nearing finalization and would be filed in Supreme Court very shortly. The Association is filing the case on representative capacity for the past and future pensioners as well since all sections of the BSNL pensioners have been deprived of one or the other legitimate benefit. For strategic reasons, some Vakalatnama have been collected from different branches along with the Tables showing their individual losses which are now with the advocate and will be used for the case. As regards pay scale revision of the BSNL Executives, the proposal for pay revision with 15% fitment benefit is moving in right direction. He said that we must keep in mind that the executives of MTNL, despite huge losses recorded years after years, were granted pay revision as per 2nd PRC recommendations with 30% fitment benefit. Moreover, while ordering payment of pension to the MTNL employees by the Government, it was decided by the Government itself that the pay scales of the MTNL employees will be brought at the level of pay scales of BSNL employees during implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations. This will be possible only by giving the benefits of 3rd PRC recommended pay scales to the BSNL Executives and revising their pay scales upwardly. He said that, as is the normal practice, some sections of the DOT will certainly raise many queries. But BSNL would be able to reply them. He said that Pension revision would follow the pay scale revision of the BSNL executives. This time, pension revision will not take much time since the process is now more streamlined. Regarding BSNLMRS, he said once the pay scales are revised, the existing eligibility limit and other issues will have to be revisited and changes brought in. At that time, the Association will certainly submit its views to BSNL on all points. He added that BSNL, after long years, has restored the scheme for medical claims for outdoor treatment without voucher for the retired employees only. But BSNL is now also reviewing its financial impact. We shall have to wait for the opportune time to seek any change having financial impact. On the issue of extending the recommendations of Pay Commissions in regard to revision of pension to the BSNL pensioners, he said that as per the law of the land, as laid down by Supreme Court, this is not practicable since in this case future pensioners will be adversely affected. Moreover, after absorption, all BSNL optees now ceased to be the Government Servants. Thus Pay Commissions, which are exclusively for Government employees, are not meant for CPSE employees including those in BSNL. He further said that the Association uploaded some useful and detailed analytical articles in its website on this issue and other related issues which are still available. He requested the members to go through them. He thanked all the members for giving him an opportunity to present his views on some important issues. The meeting then concluded after presentation of Vote of Thanks.