Order/Letter Number Subject Content
BSNL/Admn.I/14-15/09/(pt) dated 27.10.2021 Clarification/Amendment in BSNLMRS - Eligibility of family pensioners/dependents of the deceased BSNL employeeBSNL clarifies that Family Pensioners / Spouse / Dependents of the eligible BSNL employees who died while in service or after retirement are entitled to avail CGHS facility as well as reimbursement of the one time payment of the CGHS subscription paid for availing the same.
BSNLCO-ADMN/11(15)/2/2020-ADMN date 22.01.2021 Clarification on visit certificationBSNL clarifies that the CGM in respect of field staff and the concerned Director in respect of BSNL CO staff may exempt the requirement of field certification it it is not found feasible due to some practical difficulty
BSNL/Admn.1/15-12/ dated 19.06.2020 BSNL CORRECTS A FEW MISTAKES IN ITS EARLIER ORDERS DATED 8.5.2020 ON BSNLMRS PERTAINING TO RETIRED BSNL EMPLOYEESBSNL clarifies that there will be no cut-off date for switching over to CGHS for the retired employees who may switch over to CGHS at any point of time, but has also extended the date of exercising option up to 30.09.2020, exempting those retired employees from exercising option who do not wish to change their earlier option. BSNL has also ordered that in the coming years, option could be exercised up to the end of 1st quarter 30th June of every year.
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/15-12/18 dated 8.5.2020 PROCEDURE FOR OUTDOOR MEDICAL CLAIM FOR BSNL EMPLOYEES (SERVING/RETIRED)BSNL has issued modifications in the procedure for outdoor medical reimbursement, reducing the ceiling from 23 days to 15 days and offering three options to the retired employees.
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/15-22/14 dated 13.7.2018 BSNL REVIEWS THE BENEFIT OF MEDICAL CLAIMS WITHOUT VOUCHER FOR OUTDOOR TREATMENT TO THE RETIRED BSNL EMPLOYEESWhile reviewing its order dated 11.4.2017, BSNL decides to reduce the quantum of allowance from 50% to 25% of the annual ceiling w.e.f. 1.4.2018, subject to a minimum of Rs.12000 per annum.
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/15-12/18 dated 10.7.2018 REVISION OF ANNUAL CEILING FOR REIMBURSEMENT OF OUTDOOR TREATMENTBSNL has issued orders making the order of Establishment section reducing the annual ceiling from 25 days to 23 days consequent to raising of fitment benefit from 68.8% to 78.2%, applicable to retired employees.
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/15-22/14 dated 11.4.2017 BSNL RESTORES THE BENEFIT OF MEDICAL CLAIMS WITHOUT VOUCHER FOR OUTDOOR TREATMENT TO THE RETIRED BSNL EMPLOYEESBSNL has issued orders restoring the facility to the retired BSNL employees.
DoT letter No.4-12 (11)/2012-PAT (Part) dated 31.8.2016 EXTENSION OF CGHS FACILITIES TO THE RETIRED BSNL/MTNL EMPLOYEES WHO ARE IN RECEIPT OF PENSION FROM CENTRAL CIVIL ESTIMATES - CRITERIA FOR DETERMINING GRADE PAY AND WARD ENTITLEMENTDoT has issued orders that Pension Payment Order issued to the pensioners getting pension from Central Civil Estimates will also mention the equivalent basic pay and grade pay as per the Central Pay scale to enable CGHS in deciding rate of contribution and ward entitlement for issue of CGHS cards.
BSNL letter No.BSNL/Admn.I/15-18/16 (i) dated 10.8.2016 ISSUES RELATING TO MEDICAL FACILITIES EXTENDED TO RETIRED EMPLOYEES BSNL has issued guidelines on settlement of medical claims of retired employees within one month, empanelling sufficient number of hospitals on cashless basis and informing status of claims.
BSNL letter No.BSNL/Admn.I/15-9 (5)/15 dated 5.11.2015 SETTLEMENT OF OUTDOOR CLAIMS AT CGHS RATES BSNL has clarified that there should be no restriction as per CGHS rates for outdoor expenditure.
BSNL letter No.Nil dated 28.9.2015 EMPANELMENT OF DR.LAL PATHLABS FOR PATHOLOGICAL TESTS AS PER CGHS RATES BSNL has issued orders allowing all BSNL employees to have pathological tests from Dr. Lal Pathlabs at all their centres across the country under CGHS rates on production of ID card on cash payment.
DoP&PW N0. A/25/2008-P&PW(D) dated 19.11.2014 ENHANCEMENT OF FIXED MEDICAL ALLOWANCE (FMA) TO THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT PENSIONERS RESIDING IN AREAS NOT COVERED UNDER CGHS. DoP&PW has issued orders enhancing the amount of Fixed Medical Allowance from the present Rs 300/- to Rs 500/- per month for the Central Government pensioners/family pensioners residing in areas not covered under the Central Government Health Scheme for meeting expenditure on their medical expenses which do not require hospitalization..
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/14-15/09 dated 2.4.2014 EXTENSION OF CGHS FACILITIES TO RETIRED BSNL EMPLOYEES BSNL accepts DoT proposal vide its letter dated 20.2.2014 and says willing BSNL retired employees can avail CGHS facility by opting by complying with the requisite formalities.
DoT F.No.4-12(11)/2012(PAT) dated 20.2.2014 EXTENSION OF CGHS FACILITIES TO RETIRED BSNL EMPLOYEES BSNL retired employees who are in receipt of Central Civil Pension can be given an option either to choose CGHS or BSNL MRS post-retirement as per their convenience.
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/15-10/13 dated 13.4.2013 EXTENSION OF MEDICAL FACILITIES TO RETIRED EMPLOYEES DRAWING PROVISIONAL PENSION DUE TO PENDING DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS AT THE TIME OF RETIREMENT BSNL has decided that medical facilities be extended to those retired employees drawing provisional pension and not issued PPOs due to pending disciplinary proceedings at the time of retirement, co-terminus with provisional pension till the disciplinary proceedings are concluded.
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/15-10/15 dated 21.1.2013 REVISION OF CEILING RATES AND GUIDELINES FOR VARIOUS CORONARY/VASCULAR STENTS UNDER CGHS BSNL has circulated Dept. of Health & Family Welfare O.M. on the subject for reference and guidance for settling claims under BSNLMRS.
DoH&FW OM No.Misc. 1002/2006/CGHS (R&H)/CGHS (P) dated 31.10.2011 REVISION OF CEILING RATES AND GUIDELINES FOR VARIOUS CORONARY/VASCULAR STENTS UNDER CGHS Dept. of Health & Family Welfare O.M. on the subject for reference and guidance for settling claims under BSNLMRS.
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/15-20/11 dated 20.3.2012 REVISED ROOM RENT FOR INDOOR TREATMENT UNDER BSNLMRSBSNL has notified revised room rent for indoor treatment for beneficiaries of BSNLMRS
BSNL No.7-8/2010/EF/Part/1 dated 5.9.2011 BSNLMRS - BSNL withdraws the provision of medical claim 'without voucher' for outdoor treatment BSNL has withdrawn the facility of medical claim 'without voucher' for outdoor treatment along with withdrawal of leave encashment while availing All India LTC and Home Town LTC, as a measure of expenditure control
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/14-2/09 dated 5.10.2010 BSNLMRS - Removal of genuine grievances of retired absorbed BSNL employees BSNL replies to AIBSNLREA regarding Annual revision of outdoor ceiling for reimbursement with vouchers. Credit facility to retired employees also in empanelled hospitals
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/14-2/09 dated 30.12.2009 BSNLMRS - Clarifications BSNL issues clarifications to queries raised regarding permission for treatment outside place of posting and limit for consultations with follow up check-ps.
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/14-2/09 (Pt) dated 29.10.2009 BSNLMRS - GUIDELINES FOR REGULATION OF EXPENDITURE ON INDOOR TREATMENT - CASES WHERE NO CGHS RATES ARE PRESCRIBED FOR ANY TREATMENT/PROCEDURE Procedure to be followed where no CGHS rates are prescribed and AIIMS rates are also not available or rates in Government Hospitals, Govg. Medical Colleges/Institutes are not available.
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/1 (Pt) dated 22.10.2009 REVISION OF LIMIT FOR OUTDOOR TREATMENT consequent on revision of IDA pay scales w.e.f.1.1.2007 BSNL revises the limit for reimbursement of expenditure on outdoor treatment consequent to revision of IDA pay scales to BSNL Executives.
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/1(Pt) dated 23.8.2006 BSNL MRS GUIDELINES FOR RETIRED EMPLOYEES BSNL circulates the procedure for reimbursement of Medical claim for retired employees
BSNL No.BSNL/Admn.I/1(i) dated 3.6.2004 BSNLMRS - Amendments/Clarifications BSNL issues clarifications on the Eligibility of employees taking voluntary retiement, Waiver of outdoor treatment limit for specified chronic diseases and Treatment from hospitals outside the jurisdiction of the circle
BSNL No.BSNL/ADMN/1 dated 22.04.2003 BSNLMRS - Instructions for operation of the scheme BSNL issues instructions for operation of BSNLMRS pursuant to the scheme notified vide its letter of even number dated 28.02.2003