A General Body meeting of AIBSNLREA, Chennai was held on 7-9-2016 at Hotel Kanchi. The meeting started at 10 AM and was presided over by Sri. V. Dakshinamoorthy, President. After formal prayer, in his welcome address, he welcomed all the comrades and congratulated comrades S/Sri V.Chinna pappiah and S.Rathnasubramanian on their election as CHQ president and Assistant General Secretary, CHQ, respectively. He also expressed his happiness in the growth of the membership of the branch. After self introduction of members, Secretary Shri L. Sundararaman read out a very detailed report about the AIC held at Bhubaneswar, 78.2% Fixation and revision of pension, adding 3% of the existing pay for fixation on promotion of executives after 1.1.2007 and constitution of 3rd PRC. He also informed the members about the meeting with CGMs / GMs (Fin) of Chennai Telephones and Tamilnadu circle, Joint CCA and CCA and the discussions held on fitment benefit by merger of 78.2 % IDA, 3% fixation on promotion, rounding off fraction to next higher rupee for fixation of pension and full pension for those retired without completing 33 years of qualifying service etc. He also thanked all office bearers and the members for bringing more and more new members to the branch.

S/Shri V. Chinna pappiah and S.Rathnasubramanian were honoured by President V. Dakshinamurthy and Vice President Smt Ramluckshmi. Shri V.Chinna pappiah in his address appreciated the efforts taken by the branch in increasing the membership and welcomed the five new members who joined on that day in the meeting. Shri S. Ratnasubramanian in his address touched the salient features of 7th pay commission report and AIBSNLREA’s effort through its Memorandum in getting an increase of Gratuity to 20 lakhs and also its periodical increase based on 50% rise in DA. He also spoke on the expectations from the 3rd PRC. Com R.R. Balasubramanaian, Asst. Branch Secretary explained about the development of the Excel sheet calculation of 78.2% fixation and revision of pension. He also stressed the need of formation of State Branch at the earliest after formation of few more branches in Tamilnadu

. In the interactive session, the members raised various doubts about the revision of pension for pre and post 1-1-2007 pensioners, 3% fixation on promotion, whether 3rd PRC of CPSU executives pay revision is applicable for BSNL Executives and BSNL pensioners etc and the same was answered to the satisfaction of members. Overall the participants expressed their happiness in attending the meeting and the manner in which issues were discussed and highlighted in our website and assured to offer their continued support to the association. Large number of members attended the GB meeting and it ended with vote of thanks by Shri R.R.Balasubramanaian, followed by Lunch.



After formation of the AIBSNLREA branch at Coimbatore, Shri M. Ponnuswami, President, Shri R. Damodaran, Secretary, Shri J. Ramalingam, Finance Secretary and Shri K.Sivakumaran, Assistant Secretary met Shri D. Sivaraj, Principal General Manager, BSNL, Coimbatoreon on 1st July, 2016 in his chamber and submitted the list of Office Bearers of AIBSNLREA Coimbatore Branch. Although it was meant to be a courtesy call, the PGM took this opportunity to discuss with the retired executives regarding various issues on the growth of BSNL. As a responsible retired executives’ association, the office-bearers offered to render the services of retired executives to BSNL wherever and what manner it is feasible. PGM appreciated the offer and wanted service in the maintenance of FTTH, OF cable and local cable maintenance in selected areas of the SSA. PGM recalled the performances of Shri K.Sivakumaran, Shri D. Ramesh and Shri R. Damodaran during their service in the fields of OF cable maintenance and FTTH and said that they can come forward to maintain FTTH on selected areas and offered to give the work on MOU basis without need for tender. But the office-bearers of AIBSNLREA just wanted to extend their service without any expectations and informed the PGM that they will discuss the matter and convey specific ways in which they can help. Shri J. Ramalingam, Finance Secretary then gave a few inputs on sales & marketing and the PGM noted down the points in his diary. The 20 minutes meeting ended with the office-bearers thanking the PGM for sparing some time with them.



AIBSNLREA Trichy Branch (Tamilnadu) held its first General Body meeting after its formation on 29th May 2016 at 5 PM at Trichy. Shri R.Venkataraman Rtd. DE Trichy presided over the meeting. Shri K.Meyyalahan Branch Secretary welcomed all the members present in the meeting. Shri S.Ratnasubramanian, Jt.Secretary CHQ addressed the meeting explaining various steps taken by CHQ on 78.2% fitment, confusion created by other pensioners' association in pension revision etc. Three new members joined the association in the meeting.



The Annual General Body Meeting of All India BSNL Retired Executives’ Association, Chennai branch, was held on 20-4-2016 at Hotel Kanchi,Chennai from 10 AM. Shri V.Sivaswamy President, presided over the meeting and large number of retired executives of Chennai and Tamilnadu participated (49 members attended). Shri R. Kasiviswanathan, Secretary, placed the annual report for the year ending 2015 and the same was approved after discussion. Shri C.R. Rajasekaran, Financial Secretary submitted the financial statement for the relevant period and it was passed unanimously. Outstation members have also attended the meeting, which encouraged the office bearers. Shri V. Chinnapappiah, CHQ Vice President addressed the meeting. Shri S. Rathnasubramanian, Joint Secretary (South), CHQ and Shri R.R. Balasubramanian addressed the members highlighting the various steps taken by AIBSNLREA CHQ in respect of various issues including the 78.2 % IDA issue and about the next AIC proposed to be held at Bhubaneshwar etc. A few delegates from Chennai branch have decided to attend the AIC at Bhubaneshwar on 2nd and 3rd July 2016. Later the election of new Office-Bearers was held and following were elected as the office bearers of the Branch for the next term.(2016-2017): - 1. President: Shri V. Dakshinamurthy, 2&3. Vice Presidents: Shri M. Kamsundher and Smt M.S. Ramlakshmi, 4. Branch Secretary: Shri L. Sundararaman, 5. Assistant Branch Secretary: Shri R.R. Balasubramanian, 6. Finance Secretary: Shri C.R. Rajasekaran, 7. Asst. Finance Secretary: Shri D.T. Sambandan and 8. Organising Secretary: Shri P.Ravichandranarayanan. The entire event was well organized by Shri R.R.Balasubramanian. The meeting ended with address by new President and vote of thanks by new Secretary followed by lunch.  View the photos



A meeting of AIBSNLREA Erode Branch was held on 25.7.2015 at Hotel Kohinoor, Erode to felicitate Shri C.Krishnan, SDE and Shri S.Mahendran, DGM on the eve of their retirement. The meeting was jointly organized with AIBSNLOA Erode District Branch in which these two Executives were the members. Shri K.Sivanandhan, Secretary, AIBSNLREA recollected the days he had been associated with the two retiring executives and welcomed them into the fold of AIBSNLREA. He also spoke about the case of the executives who retired just one day before their date of next increment became due and explained that the case has been taken up by AIBSNLREA both with the 7th CPC as well as with DoPT. He said that non-settlement of retirement benefits of Shri C.Chandrasekaran DE after his voluntary retirement in March 2015 is being taken up with the Circle administration. Office bearers and members of AIBSNLREA and AIBSNLOA attended the meeting and felicitated the retiring executives. The meeting ended with special dinner.



A meeting of AIBSNLREA Erode was held on 28th March 2015 to felicitate Com.Govindasamy retiring as DGM. The meeting had been jointly held with AIBSNLOA Erode District Branch. All speakers including Com.K.Rajasekaran, CS, AIBSNLOA Tamilnadu, Com.S.Rajasekaran, Secretary, Central Government Pensioners' Association, Erode, Com.Sivanandham, Secretary, AIBSNLREA Erode and Com.R.R.Balasubramanian recollected the services of Com.Govindasamy and appreciated his simplicity, knowledge, honesty and hardwork. Brief discussions on pensioners' issues followed. Com.S.E.Manian gave vote of thanks.  View the photos